Apr 18

free sound throughts with maachines

machinedrum uw
mfb synth lit II

Apr 8

Apr 7

New acid track made using the “Composition From a Different Angle: An Intro to 12-tone” method from instructor Jerry Gates. You can read more about it here http://bit.ly/9ljtUX
Track features the tb303 devilfish on acid lead, sh101 on the fill synth, pads from the TX7 doing its Juno106 impression, drums from the fake08. Samples from Apollo 11 mission recording.

this is from high sage https://soundcloud.com/highsage - seems he’s run out of soundcloud minutes

from Shaggie “Mike was kind enough to share the acid pattern for his SocioSexual release to our Acid Pattern of the Day group. This is my remix of it, brining the 808 and 303 and a pile of pedals to the table. Here is his original: mikedred.bandcamp.com/track/sociosexual”

Apr 6


My sneakers shine this world, blind!
The track is made on ELEKTRON Analogfour and Monomachine mk2.

Bleep Radio 286 was broadcast live as usual. There was trolling and smart-arsey to be had amongst those in attendance. I considered it a success!


Streams are announced via the Bleep Radio Facebook page and/or Twitter.

Mixed by: Trevor Wilkes
Recorded: Friday April 4th, 2014

Upon immediate glance at the tracklist below, I’m sure you’ve deduced this is one of my infrequent bouts of Electro/Breaks. I come down with it from time to time. I apologize to those who dislike one of the greatest things out there ;)

01 - Quadrant Six “Body Mechanic” Not on Label
02 - Aux 88 :My Mind Goes Into Programming” Direct Beat 22
03 - New York City Survivors “No Reaction” Sonic Groove 06-34
04 - Phil Kieran “Strings On The Hill” Electrix 09
05 - Dynamix II “PLedge Your Allegiance” Monotone 03
06 - Bintus “Point Counter Point” Power Vacuum 03
07 - Sol_Dat “The Primitive Way” Kraktronik 11
08 - CRZKNY “Resist” Mixwork 05
09 - Freaky Chakra “Vectorhead” Astralwerks
10 - SebastiAn “Smoking Kills” Ed Banger 06
11 - Spinks “Anger Voltage” Buffalo Frequency 03
12 - The Wee Djs “Derhar” Touchin Bass
13 - DMX Krew “Bongard Problems” Breakin Records 55
14 - Kraftwerk “Tour De France” EMI
15 - 2 Bad Mice “Bombscare” Mashed
16 - Aux 88 “Computer Speaks” Direct Beat 41
17 - Unknown
18 - Humanoid “Stakker (PLump Djs retouch)” Jump[in & Pumpin
19 - Zeta Reticula “Untitled” Electrix 08
20 - Andrea Parker “Headlok” Touchin Bass 02
21 - Exzakt “Citi Of Bass” Montone 11
22 - Mulletronic “Damn Sexual Self Lies” Sewerleak 01
23 - Andrea Parker “Cubic Rube” Touchin Bass 02
24 - Suckafish P. Jones “Bubble Farm” Dasboot 11

Apr 4

Just some testing of using mutes and faders to manipulate the new Roland TR-8. Practice on a new machine before any live performances later. All sounds out single main output and running through The Squarewave Parade Pollen box.

Mar 28

Mar 19

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